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The Ripple Effect - Gavin Major

One mans epic journey of self-discovery across continents and borders reveals the universal bond that connects all of humanity. An olive stone tossed Sam Benson out of his Isle of Skye home in pursuit of the most elusive of human desires - happiness. Half a world away, Rohan enters adulthood and leaves Sri Lanka in search of a better life. Sam, ambling through Europe on his motorbike and Rohan cutting across the world in a plane, eventually meet in Milan. Neither of them could have known their destinies would change in a fraction of a second. Ultimately, broken hearts and shattered lives lead one of them to understand himself in a way hes never managed to before. Quick moving, intense and at times wildly exciting, The Ripple Effect is an inspired road trip. It is the story of a man on the run from himself and his bittersweet realization that nothing is as it seems. This novel of a heartbreaking tangle of personal histories is a stunning debut from author Gavin Major.

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Perera Hussein