Privacy Policy

We take utmost care and concern for your privacy while you're shopping on our site. We will never share or sell your information to any third party, and the information we collect is solely to contact you about your order if necessary. Transactions on our site are secured using SSL encryption and your credit/ debit card information is never stored.

Payment Methods

PayHere Payment Gateway

We gladly accept payments via all methods available in the PayHere Payment Gateway

Bank Deposits/Transfers

This platform does not allow for Bank Transfers, However these orders can be processed manually. Please contact with your requirement.

The required bank details will be provided to you on request. Please note that if this is your selected option for payment, your order process is only complete once Pendi PVT Ltd has received proof of full payment. Customers have 3 business days to produce proof of full payment until which time your order will be held for you. Proof of payment must be sent via email to

If proof of full payment has not been received in 3 business days we cannot guarantee the availability of the items you have selected to purchase.