The Pearl batik table lamp

This unique combination of cool, smooth ceramic with the abstract batik make this lamp a statement piece.

As each piece of fabric is hand dyed in batches, each piece can be unpredictable and varied. At Pendi, we consider this an integral part of the charm and honesty of each piece. Which, also means no two are ever alike!

Attached switch 3 pin plug head

Lamp Care
Ensure lamp is unplugged before cleaning. Ideally use a soft bristled brush to remove dust from the fabric of the lampshade. If required clean the plastic interior of the lampshade with a damp cloth. Do not apply water on the fabric exterior. Please use a soft cloth in order to remove dust from the light bulb and lamp base caution not to create any dents when cleaning. Never lift your lamp by the holder or shade.

LKR 46,000.00

Ceramic base, batik shade
Overall Height 26 inches
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