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Batik Bedspread set - Ocean

Batik Bedspread set - Ocean. Hand dyed, cotton, batik Bedspread & 2 King size Pillowcase set. Using the traditional " resist" method of dying and batik, a traditional craft of Sri Lanka, this bedding set is part of a limited collection by a batik artist who works under the label "Revival." Pendi works with a different batik artisan each year to create a unique, limited edition collection that is a reflection of their personal aesthetic and style. The artist behind Revival has a bold, abstract flair to her work and a love for happy, vibrant colours. As large pieces of fabric are hand dyed to create these sets, this may mean that the results of each piece can be unpredictable and varied. At Pendi, we do not look at these irregularities as a defect but rather an integral part of the charm and honesty of each piece. Which, also means no two are ever alike!

LKR 18,500.00

Blue, Green, White
100% Cotton
90"x90" / 230x230cm