A small team with big dreams!

Our responsibility is to create a safe, healthy and fair working environment for our teams, and for the workers throughout our supply chain. We are committed to ensuring all our workers have a voice in our organization.We work towards circularity and make our progress transparent, so that our consumers and peers alike can learn, share and grow with us.

Our work

Every month, we release new and limited edition collections. We begin with small quantities of each product, and only make more if we know you want it, based on direct data and feedback. This keeps our production less wasteful and exclusive. We aspire to make everything with sustainably sourced low-impact materials, repurposed fabrics and pre-loved pieces.

Our sustainable practices

Protecting our shared environment is at the core of everything we do from our workshops to sourcing of materials. We are committed to pushing the industry forward and investing in future-focused solutions. Affordable products shouldn't come at the cost of worker exploitation which is why we partner with many creative thinkers and craftspeople and ensure that everyone is ensured an equal and fair wage.

Designed to last

We want you to keep our products for years, even decades to come. From the seasonal must-haves to the timeless classics, each product is designed to bring joy to you and the ones you love.