The Girl with the paisley dupatta and other stories - By Mahvash K. Moht

It is said that shame dies when stories are told in safe places. The Girl with the paisley dupatta and other stories forges within its pages the sanctity and dignity that allow fragile stories to become powerful, purposeful, healing and exhilarating epics of personal courage and enterprise.
Many of the stories within this book are from outside the bell curve of our lives. From the brutal vigilante justice, to the patriarchal ruthlessness that so many young women are subjected to, these stories come straight from the truth telling corners of the heart.
Others are stories of women and men negotiating life, love, friendship and tradition in the sometimes tumultuous and oftentimes limiting folds of their families and their communities.
These tales will make you laugh, cry and ruminate in equal measure while constantly niggling at the peripheries of conventional value systems.

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Mahvash K. Moht

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