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Black Zig Zag weave rug - 3 x 2 ft

Black Zig Zag weave rug - 3 x 2 ft

The Hand woven jute is best suited to lounge rooms, bedrooms and entranceways any space in the home requiring a hard wearing and durable texture which adds depth and character to the space. The tightly woven nature of this rug makes it friendly for pets.
Handmade in Sri Lanka

Suggested Method to wash or clean your rug
Use a detergent or washing powder which has a low chlorine concentration (eg: Rinso) It is recommended to handwash your rugs as machine wash will alter the shape
On Moderate stains: Use a detergent and scrub away with a brush that has soft bristles
On tough stains: Pour or sprinkle the detergent and let it dissolve for a short while (max - 5 mins) Using a brush or scrub with soft bristles, gently scrub away the stain

LKR 3,600.00

Pink Bug

3ft x 2ft
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