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Blackforest - Handmade Facial Soap

Blackforest - Handmade Facial Soap
Handmade with Activated Charcoal, this soap helps remove excess oil and purifies the face. Scented with Tea Tree Essential Oil for a fresh, forest smell. Coconut Oil paired with Palm Oil gives a great lather, cleansing abilities, creates firm and long-lasting bars. High Vitamin E amount in Sunflower Oil provides moisture.

Luxury handmade soap made with design and technique to quality formulas. Combines selected natural base oils and alkali to bring out the best properties and characteristics in soap. Scented with essential oils. Soaps are cured to ventilate, add hardness, be milder and develop to its best form as a final product. Special care is taken and hand packed one by one.

LKR 600.00 510.00


Water, Activated Charcoal, Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Chloride, Essential Oil (Tea Tree)
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