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Penguin - Handmade Soap

Penguin - Handmade Soap
Coconut oil is naturally cleansing and in soap form it can help wash away stickiness of your body caused from sweat, and remove dirt and excess oil leaving it refreshingly clean. This soap contains a superfat formula, i.e., when the amount of caustic soda used is reduced. Therefore, the soap is mild and can be used freely. It is High in antioxidants to protect from free radicals in the environment such as smoke and helps to keep your complexion firm and youthful.

Luxury handmade soap made with design and technique to quality formulas. Combines selected natural base oils and alkali to bring out the best properties and characteristics in soap. Scented with essential oils. Soaps are cured to ventilate, add hardness, be milder and develop to its best form as a final product. Special care is taken and hand packed one by one.

LKR 600.00 510.00


Water, Coconut Oil, King Coconut Oil, White Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Chloride, Essential Oil (Patchouli)
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