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White Coaster set of 6 - Mandala Design 5

White Coaster set of 6 - Mandala Design 5

Hand-made recyclable coasters - includes 6 coasters (of the same design) in a black box.
Circular shape with a diameter of 4".
All designs were originally hand-drawn.
Four different unique designs are available.
Mixed sets are available upon request.

Journey - What began as abstract doodles evolved into a favorite pastime to unwind and let the creative energies flow with ease. The very nature of creating mandala art is therapeutic and it is instinct and feeling that guides me through the process of creation. As with most art, it’s not about the final product but it’s about the journey. Having reached the final destination, what is left is a representation of something meaningful and personal!

Design - The designs formed through these hand-drawn pieces of art are created through a combination of feelings and emotions which makes replication impossible! They may not be exactly symmetrical, but that is what makes each design perfectly unique and original!

LKR 2,500.00 2,125.00

Inks By Shinks
4" diameter
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