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Screen Printed Bedspread set - Sand/Green

Screen Printed Bedspread set - Sand/Green

The pattern on this bedlinen set is originally from a collection of silk screen prints entitled "Arabesque" by Sri Lankan artist Kavan Balasuriya. What started off as a charcoal drawing evolved into a series of silk screen prints which, in turn, evolved into a unique, limited edition homeware collection excusively for Pendi.

Each Bedlinen set includes one 90"x90" (230cm) bedspread and two King size pillowcases. Screen printed design on heavy cotton fabric.
Kavan Balasuriya earned a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London, and a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design from the same institution. He is currently based in London, United Kingdom.

LKR 25,000.00

Studio Bala
Sand / Red
Heavy Cotton
90"x90" / 230cm